Our Partners

At Greendata we partner with the best in the business and we pride ourselves with the partnerships we have in the IT industry.

We provide servers, switches and routers for your IT infrastructure:

We provide laptops and desktops with additional customised specifications such as RAM, Storage and Carepack:

We provide the widest range of TV’s, screens and monitor brands such as Dell, Lenovo and HP:

Firewalls are an essential part of your business as a security measure. We offer firewall security so you can focus on what matters most including:

We are able to source all your software requirements including antivirus protection such as McAfee, ESET and others:

We design, support and install your network to ensure a secure and stable network structure for your business:

We know choosing a printer can be difficult, so let us help you make those decisions for you. We are suppliers of multiple leading brands of printers:

Greendata values



We have the know-how, are well trained and able to support your technology.  



We are there when you need us, every time.



We are able and willing to respond to you quickly.



We acknowledge that people come from different experiences, and we are mindful and respectful of this. 



We are a group of people who do what we say we will in an honest and wholesome way.

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